US expansion



Foothold America helps UK companies and businesses around the world expand to the US. Whether testing the market, hiring the first employee or creating a legal entity, Foothold America’s London-based experts can assist.

How we can help

Foothold America demystifies the complexity building a credible US presence. Each State in the US has their own laws and tax structures. We provide key information for your decision-making process.

Services include:

  • Recruiting US talent
  • Compliance with US Department of Labor, IRS, Health and Human Services and other federal agencies
  • Proxy employment
  • Payroll, benefits and pensions for your US employees
  • HR advice
  • Payment of employee and employer-related tax
  • Subsidiary support and management
  • US bank accounts, office space, phone numbers and foreign exchange services
  • Dedicated account management

Our offer to LBIC clients

Salaries and the cost of benefits in the US are significantly higher than in the UK, Europe and many other countries. We’ll provide a FREE salary assessment for the position and US location you are considering.


Joanne M Farquharson, MGA

US Expansion Advisor


M: 07469 976 450