R & D Tax Relief & Credit



Leyton is a leading consulting firm with specific expertise in the optimisation of R&D Tax Relief & Credit.

The complexity of R&D Tax Relief schemes, and the ever evolving Biotech/Pharma environment, makes it difficult for companies to dedicate additional resources to optimising costs, without impacting on their core business. 

As Government R&D Tax Relief & Credit incentives become ever more interesting, Leyton seeks to make the most of the scheme to help businesses gain as much in return for their investment in R&D as possible. Our objective is to identify all innovative projects with clarity, efficiency and precision, allowing our clients to optimise their R&D Tax Relief & Credit in total security.

A Global Presence
Leyton has developed a presence in 12 offices across 6 countries to serve its customers: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Canada and Morocco.

Leyton Today:

  • 14 years’ experience
  • 530 employees
  • 4200 clients worldwide

How we can help
Through a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced scientific and financial consultants, Leyton helps leaders in the Biotech, Pharma, Clinical Trial and Medical Devices sectors make lasting and substantial improvements to the performance of their organisation.

Our technical and financial experts will:

  • Determine your eligible R&D projects – historic, current and future
  • Identify the expenditure incurred on your qualifying activities
  • Optimise the amount of your R&D Tax claim
  • Draft the supporting documentation
  • Offer support in defending your claim in the event of an audit by HMRC


Our offer to LBIC Clients
A free initial strategy meeting or teleconference with key members of the Leyton team. As part of our offering we are pleased to provide our services to LBIC clients at a discounted rate.