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Chempetitive Group and Sciad

Chempetitive Group


Chempetitive Group is a global marketing communication agency focused on the life science industry. We work with companies small and large, all around the globe, developing campaigns that build brands and generate revenues. Add life to your life science marketing. 

Having recently established a London office, Chempetitive Group is well placed to provide integrated communications programmes to the life sciences industry through its global presence.

How we can help

Strategy and Planning
Before beginning any communications activity setting out a strategy that supports a company’s business objectives. Chempetitive Group can help in developing a communications strategy, using the most appropriate communications channels to support these objectives.

Brand Development
Ensuring a company’s brand communicates the right message to potential audiences is key, particularly in the early stages. Chempetitive Group has considerable experience in developing brands for a variety of companies, ranging from new brands for small start-ups to rebranding for large companies.

Identity Development
Having created the brand, Chempetitive Group can assist in developing materials for the company using it. In addition to logos and taglines, this would also include stationary such as letterheads, compliment slips and business cards, and PowerPoint templates.

Developing marketing materials
The creation of marketing materials, such as brochures, factsheets can significantly help in promoting a company to a range of audiences. The Chempetitive Group understands how to communicate to these often disparate audiences, and can assist in not just developing the look and feel of any documents, but can also help in fine tuning the message.

Online and search engine optimization
Increasingly for many companies the website is their primary communications tool. Ensuring the website has the right messaging, and conveys the correct impression is crucial for any company, and Chempetitive Group has considerable experience in developing websites for life sciences companies. In addition to building the website, Chempetitive Group can help in optimizing the website for search engines to ensure maximum pick up.

Media relations
Ensuring coverage in the relevant media can support a companies business objectives, and with a global media team capable of covering Europe and the US, Chempetitive Group is well placed to develop and execute an integrated media relations programme.

While advertising may not be appropriate for all companies, Chempetitive Group can support in developing an advertising programme if needed. Chempetitive has excellent relationships with many of the life sciences publications and can often secure advertising at a preferential rate.

Our Offer to LBIC Clients
A free 2-hour strategy meeting or teleconference with key members of the Chempetitive team. This will be essential for defining the most efficient and productive strategy for progressing the development of your product. Chempetitive is pleased to offer its services to LBIC clients on an ongoing basis. As part of our offering we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on quoted rates for yearly spends of over £10,000.



Sciad is a digital marketing agency that works with businesses in healthcare, life science, the environment and other science and technology-based sectors. We use integrated digital communications to drive up reputations and increase website traffic, connecting with the audiences that matter most by maximising the power of the web including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Search
  • Websites
  • Results-driven marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Mobile marketing

The Sciad team are experts in digital communications and have extensive experience of working in science and technology communications.

How we can help
Websites are at the heart of companies' strategic communications
Getting every aspect of a website right is vital to building your company’s reputation and reaching every one of your audiences. All aspects of designing and building a website need to be considered in order to capture your audience effectively on the web. The look and feel is important but also getting the right key messages in your copy, taking search engine optimisation techniques into account and creating logical information architecture are all essential. Only when all of the elements of a great website are brought together can you then go on to reach out successfully to your audience online.

Search Engine Optimisation
Make sure your website is found by the right people.
Tailored solutions that meet your SEO needs delivered by a team that understands how your stakeholders are searching the web. We use advanced SEO techniques, for desktop and mobile, to give your site the strength to succeed and the power to reach top positions.

An SEO Programme will ensure:

Your website will be located easily by customers, partners and your target audience searching for information
You can see and understand the way visitors behave on your website to help you grow your business
Improved content will increase in-bound links from other websites to improve search engine rankings and web traffic

Paid Search
Online advertising and high quality PPC campaigns are essential to get ahead of the competition and stay there.
We specialise in designing creative, ground-breaking campaigns that can reach out to your audience wherever they are on the web. From Google sponsored links to must-click creatives and media placements. We can plan and implement your campaigns and we know it is results and return on investment that count. We also have excellent relationships with publishers which gives us leverage and media buying power to get you the best deals. Whether you are interested in management of your Pay Per Click advertising account, a creative campaign, an emailing campaign or any form of strategic online targeting contact us to find out more about the opportunities open to you.

PR and reputation management
We listen to what’s being said about you on the web and across broader media and the sentiment that drives the conversation, we analyse issues that are relevant to your business and we respond and engage to build your reputation by making sure you are:

  • Heard, by creating opportunities to tell your story

  • Credible, by building belief in the story

  • Trusted, by helping sources for information tell the story in their own way

Then we monitor and report on trends and we use analytic tools to measure the quantity and quality of the traffic on your website or blog. Sciad has a highly experienced PR team able to plan the strategy and execute the plan

Social Media
Social media channels are now essential business tools.
Conversations and influence amongst peers is nothing new. This is especially true in healthcare and science, but social media gives companies the ability to:

  • Engage with their audiences in real time, building reputations for their company and their brands

  • Gauge conversations and the impact they are having

  • Responding quickly and effectively to manage potential difficulties before they become a crisis

We focus on creative, innovative and effective social media solutions that are tailored to the audiences who are relevant to your business, from patients and clinicians to scientists, investors and the media. From listening and monitoring to full social engagement, we will create and manage a strategy that works for your business.

Mobile marketing
It pays to have a Mobile responsive site. Many mobile search users are looking for instant results, whether they are searching for a new cancer drug or looking to order an antibody. One thing that is central to use of a mobile or tablet is ease.

It is vital that mobile customers are able to navigate to the site they want quickly and to find content within the site. That’s why we believe every website should be optimised for mobile, giving users a much quicker route to contact you or to make a sale conversion. Sciad will happily advise you on your website and create some mobile landing pages for you.

Our Offer to LBIC Clients
We offer a free consultation of up to two hours to review your website, your web marketing strategy and how you can integrate all of your communications activities to boost your online visibility. We will provide insight and recommend solutions about how you can increase website traffic, enquiries and leads.

As part of our commitment to LBIC’s Business Support Network we are pleased to offer a 10% discount services to LBIC clients with an annual budget of £5000 or more.

For more information contact:
Richard Anderson – - +44(0)7973 950376
Deborah Cockerill – - +44(0)7930 317729
Sciad, London Bioscience Innovation Centre, 2 Royal College Street, London, NW1 0NH