Market Research


At Infogate we have several years’ experience of analysing information to produce pharmaceutical and biosciences market research.  We combine published data, interviews with experts, subject knowledge of the area together with analysis, to help inform you about other companies and sectors.  A range of sources are used including literature, patents, clinical trials, news, gene and sequence data.  We have access to databases hosted by STN as well as to knowledge from the British Library from business, market research and scientific sources.  By simplifying large amounts of data, we produce clear results that will help you make business decisions.

Who is the main consultant?
Jo Shaw MSc is a thorough and customer-focused Information Analyst with over 20 years’ experience in competitive intelligence, business information and patent searching in the biomedical area.  She provides pharmaceutical directors with tailored information to develop strategy.  Her ability to understand customers’ needs, review processes and suggest improvements enable her to bring about change to the benefit of clients.

When to use Infogate?
Use us whenever you need an independent, informed approach to a query, help with a time consuming project and at times of staff shortage.

What can Infogate offer?
Infogate provides market research and business information including opportunity assessment, company profiles and sector reviews.
Competitive intelligence can help you to formulate your business strategy.   Forecasting timelines can be provided with estimated launch dates and patent expiries.  Licensing opportunities can be identified.  By combining published data with expert opinion, we show the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and how your product can be best placed in the market.
In depth biomedical literature searches are undertaken to form strategy reviews.  Examples of recent topics include drug pipelines, pharmacogenomics and diagnostics in a range of therapeutic areas. 
Patent searches are provided on pharmacology, pharmacy, biomedicine, biotechnology and formulations.   Searches include novelty, patentability, validity, freedom to operate, general patent searches and product patent positions.  We use patents to inform you about therapies, formulations and devices.  By considering regulatory data such as data and marketing exclusivity we can produce a competitor product timeline.
Sequence searches will provide a precise picture about protein and nucleic acid sequences used in biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies.  

Which companies use us?
The Infogate client list includes an international competitive intelligence agency, Current Drugs (now part of Thompson Reuters), Davda & Co, GlaxoSmithKline, Harrison Goddard Foote, Intelligentsia, Martin Paltnoi Associates, Merck Sharp & Dohme Neuroscience Research Centre, Napp Labs, Questel Orbit and Reddie & Grose.