GATC Biotech


GATC Biotech is Europe's leading service provider of DNA sequencing and bioinformatics for industry and academic research. For nearly two decades we have been continuously developing new and comprehensive solutions for DNA sequencing and bioinformatics sequence analysis - from individual DNA samples up to complete genome projects. GATC's thirteen sequencing instruments with a capacity of two terabases per year comprise the largest commercially available sequencing facility in Europe. With over 100 employees the company serves over 10,000 customers in 40 countries around the globe and has subsidiary companies in Great Britain, France and Sweden.

All GATC solutions are precisely matched to the specific requirements of the customer. We can do this because we use all leading sequencing technologies on the market, such as Applied Biosystems ABI 3730XL(TM) for Sanger sequencing and Illumina's Genome Analyzer II(TM) and Roche Diagnostics GS FLX(TM) for Next Generation sequencing.